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Barcode software supports to design and generate barcode labels useful for Publisher and Library industries. Design and print barcode labels for labeling books, booklets, text books and other similar publisher printed materials. Barcode generator software can be used by all major type of publishers and similarly provide help for School, College, Institute and other public and private libraries for simplified books management process. Creates stickers and tags (barcode enabled) to manage publisher and library easy record management process.

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Barcode designing software for publication and library is popular application to generate barcodes. Application provides graphical user interface that makes it user convenient. Batch processing and series option can generate multiple copies of barcodes at one time. Publisher can increase the demand by developing unique style labels and discount coupons. Barcode technique is effective aspect to automate the library management.

Use of barcodes in the publisher:

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Use of barcodes in the library:

Library is the basic need of every institution. It should take chance to upgrade with technology. Barcodes plays an important role to automate the library process. Complete information of people who are purchases the books and rent out the books from the library. Now a day’s most of the people depends on digital devices because they save time and cost. Library should be implementing the barcode technique to be taking place in the society. Books are very sensitive in nature. There are many numbers of new books introduced every day or a book edition is also changes so demand of new books increased so barcode can notify about the books. Barcodes are reliable for publishing industry. Barcode reduce the chances of errors like lost books and misplaced.

Features of barcode maker software for publication industry:

Software is available in a very affordable cost. It can be accessible to everyone. Barcode maker software is compatible with all types of file formats such as jpg, PNG, bitmap and etc.

Supports Linear and 2D barcode fonts :

Linear Fonts standards : Codabar, Industrial 2 of 5, ISBN-13, Code 11, Telepen, UPCA, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPCE

2D Fonts standards : Databar, PDF417, Databar Limited