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URL Checker

Redirect checker software Import single or multiple URLs from plain text files, Excel datasheets, or manually enter URL addresses manually. Import links from multiple files. Software allows you to export URL checker lists into.txt or.xlsx (excel file) or even simple text copy-paste features. Software provides a feature to return an HTTP response code for the whole list of urls in one go. Link Checker tool is very easy to use while also thoroughly analyzing URLs from web pages. Get the URL status code and response time of every link in your URL list and Find dead links, such as HTTP Status Codes, expired domains, invalid domain names, and so on. Check URLs such as 200 OK, 404 Broken, and 500 503 Errors with this software.

Check HTTPS Status code using URL List Checker

Step1: First, import the URL from the file options either load from text files or load from excels files as needed. You can also enter the URL manually, one URL per line, by typing or pasting. Using monitoring options, manage monitoring by thread 50 to 400. Also, check the box for getting HTTP status and retry attempting the failed URL.

Import URL list

After importing the URL list, you can see all the details about a URL, such as status (online or offline), code (400 or 500), redirect information, and HTTP status. Software also gives a list of the total number of URLs with online and offline status. If you want to clear your URL list, use the Clear list option.

Step2: Select any one option to export URLs, online items, offline items, or all items. If you want to again monitor your URL list, click on the "retry" option.

Export URL

After entering all of the URL's details, click the 'Start checking' button to check the URL's status. Select exported file types to be exported into text files (.txt) or exported into Excel files (.xlsx). Click the OK button to export the file successfully to your PC, and now you can see the resulted URL file in your folder by using the show in folder option.

Software Features

  • Software allows you to bulk check URL lists for status codes at a time.
  • User can easily check Expired Domains and Invalid Domain Names with checker tool.
  • HTTP response checker allows thousands of URLs to be scanned and completed within a few minutes.
  • Quickly scans checklists of URL addresses and provides you with all the information you may require, including status code, response time, content type, and its length.
  • URL checker software is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8, and so on.
  • Export redirect codes as text files and excel sheets from the Bulk URL list in an easy way.
  • Users can also manually enter the URL or import text files from the system to check.
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