Video Joiner Software for Windows

Video Joiner

Video joiner software is used to merge many videos without decreasing the quality. Different video formats with different video rates, same frame size, and same audio rate are supported by the software. A user can easily control the audio of the merging video using software features. The software supports all video formats, including MP4, AVI, MPG, FLV, and MKV format files. The aspect ratio is provided by the software to fit the finished video on any device and social media platform. New video folder is included in the program which brings a list of all videos stored in the system library. Application is easily and conveniently managed video quality and format.

Windows 11 supported

How to combine videos using Video Joiner

Step 1: Add a video folder or multiple video files at a time using the provided options. Change the Resolution (Default or User Defined) according to your needs. By selecting the User Defined option, you can change the height and width size of the video.

Add Video File

You can also change the audio options by selecting No audio, Keep original audio, or Browse Audio File, to add the required sound before clicking Start Process. Also choose an orientation option, including flip horizontal, vertical, 90, or 128 degrees.

Step 2: Choose a name, a folder path for where you want to save the video, and a video format including MP4, AVI, MPG, FLV, or MKV for the output video before being joined by the software.

Browse Video Path

After selecting all the details, click on the Start Joining button to start multiple videos. After the video is merged successfully, a window screen will appear. Here you select the "open file option" to see the final videos.

Features of Video Combiner

  • Video joiner software is a powerful video maker with quality options including original, normal, and custom.
  • The software provides an easy-to-use user interface for multiple video merges.
  • Choose a video resolution with height and width.
  • Delete or View Merged Videos directly from the Video Joiner application.
  • Select multiple videos with different formats, and the videos will merge into one.
  • A user can rearrange the video clips into any sequence.
  • Software provides the same output quality as the source video or audio quality.
  • Support all windows versions such as windows 8, windows XP OS etc.
  • A user can easily add sound from the browse audio option and also mute audio.
  • No video size and duration limits.
  • No watermarks and best video quality.