Mac Barcode Maker Software Corporate Edition Screenshots

Business Barcodes—Mac Corporate Edition can create several barcode labels with different barcode values, text, and images using its batch processing series creating features. You may send barcode labels to one or more email addresses using advanced email settings. Using the software's adjustable print settings, any type of barcode label may be produced. Use the software's "Export Image" and "Export PDF" functions to save a produced barcode label as an image or in PDF file format. The barcode log you've made can also be kept for further use. Barcode Label can be copied and pasted into several application, including TextEdit, MS Word, and MS Excel. Software's Color Settings feature enables you to create colored barcode labels.

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To generate bulk barcode labels with Mac Barcode Standard Software, follow these steps:

Step1: By selecting Quick Barcode Mode, you can quickly generate a barcode by entering its value, header, and footer, among other barcode settings.

Barcode Color Settings

Step2:Choose the Barcode designing view mode to adjust the label properties such as size, shape, color, etc.

Label Properties

Step3: Select the "print" option from the standard toolbar to print the barcode labels.

Print Preview
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