Card and Label Maker Software Screenshots

Card and label maker software to create professional cards that are suitable for all kinds of businesses and organizations. With the help of advanced image designing objects like stars, lines, text, barcodes and other object, you can create customized labels. Using the software built-in email setting, users can send designed cards and labels to specified email IDs. Program allows users to create Wishing cards, Gift vouchers, Discount labels, and Business templates etc. Using the advanced print settings, you can print multiple designed cards at a time. With the use of batch processing series features, you can design and print multiple cards at one time.

Process to create customized card and label Using Card and Label Designer Software:

Step1: To design card and label, choose any one of the option for New Label Format

New Label Format

Select any one option from Create Label by Using Wizard and Create Label with Blank Format then enter the Name, Label Size and Label Shape.

Step2: Change text properties like text color, font and other settings using the text properties option.

Text Properties

In Text Properties, change the General Settings, Font Settings and Other Settings of the card.

Step3: Select the print option from the toolbar and enter the required information to print your designed label.

Print Preview

Set the Properties and margin to print the barcodes.