Barcode Maker Software for Post Office Screenshots

Barcode label maker software is widely used in post offices and banks for various mail and parcel delivery services as well as for labeling banking documents in an organized way. Using any linear or 2D barcode font, the barcode generator program for post offices and banks is specifically created to professionally make elegant postal barcodes or financial sector barcode labels. The batch processing option for designing the bank barcoding system gives users the choice to generate multiple barcodes using random, fixed value, or sequential series. Business Barcodes for the Post Office may create postal or bank barcodes using a comprehensive barcode designing facility with barcode-creating objects like text, pictures, rectangles, arcs, etc.

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Use the following steps below to create business barcodes for the banking and post office sectors:

Step1: To modify the Label Properties, select Barcode Designing Mode.

Label Properties

Step2: Click on the barcode icon from the tools to add a barcode to a label. To modify the barcode's characteristics, double-click the barcode that has been added:

Barcode Properties

Step3: Click the print icon to print the barcode that has been created. You'll see the printing window shown below:

Print Preview
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