Barcode Maker Software for Inventory Control Screenshots

Business Barcodes for the Retail Industry Software enables you to create versatile retail barcodes or inventory barcode labels using any of the major linear or 2D barcode font standards. In retail businesses, to manage large volumes of products and for easy access to the required item, barcode software has nowadays become essential for managing them. To create multiple inventory barcode labels useful in entire small- to large-scale retail industries, barcode creator software provides series generating options such as sequential, constant, or random lists. The effective tracking system of the barcode software traces all business product and inventory goods details in an accurate way yet at a rapid pace, thus relieving users from the manual data entry process.

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Use the steps below to create barcodes for the retail sector:

Step1: To design multiple retail barcodes and change font, color, and image options, select Quick Barcode Mode.

Barcode Settings

Step2: To design a retail barcode label and modify label properties, select the Barcode designing mode as shown on the following screen.

Label Properties

Step3: To print the designed barcode, select the Print icon from the list of standard tools above.

Print Preview
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